Lead author Davide Tanasi

Lead author Davide Tanasi, PhD, College of Florida in Tampa conducted chemical analysis of residue on unglazed pottery available at the Copper Age site of Monte Kronio in Agrigento, located from the southwest coast of Sicily. He and the team determined the residue contains tartaric acidity and it is sodium salt, which occur naturally in grapes as well as in the winemaking process.
It is extremely rare to look for the composition of these residue because it necessitates the ancient pottery to become excavated intact. The study's authors are actually attempting to see whether your wine was red or white-colored.
Brainwave stimulation may improve Alzheimer's signs and symptoms

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By exposing rodents to some unique mixture of light and seem, Durch neuroscientists have proven that they'll improve cognitive and memory impairments much like individuals observed in Alzheimer's patients. This noninvasive treatment, which fits by inducing brain waves referred to as gamma oscillations, also reduced the amount of amyloid plaques based in the brains of those rodents. Plaques were removed in large swaths from the brain, including areas crucial for cognitive functions for example learning and memory. "Whenever we combine visual and auditory stimulation for any week, we have seen the engagement from the prefrontal cortex along with a very dramatic decrease in amyloid," states Li-Huei Tsai, director of MIT's Picower Institute for Learning and Memory and also the senior author from the study. Further study is going to be needed, she states, to find out detail treatment works in human patients. They have previously performed some preliminary safety tests of this kind of stimulation in healthy human subjects. Durch graduate student Anthony Martorell and Georgia Tech graduate student Abigail Paulson would be the lead authors from the study, which seems within the March 14 issue of Cell . Memory improvement The brain's neurons generate electrical signals that synchronize to create brain waves in a number of different frequency ranges.

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